Buy and sell on Droffo to win 550 MANA

Winners will be selected after each 100th sale.

Buyer raffle

Buy for 3 MANA or more, and be among many lucky users to win 200 MANA. After each 100th buy transaction on Droffo, two winners will be randomly selected to win 100 MANA each. In perpetuity!

  • Buy more to increase your chances; one wallet can participate many times!
  • One address can win both prizes, as the selection will be random!
  • You can win more than one time.


Creator competition

Sell for 3 MANA or more and get rewarded! After each 100th sale on Droffo, three creators who sell the most items for 3 MANA or more, will be awarded with a 350 MANA prize.

  • Seller who sells the most items will win 200 MANA prize.
  • Second place seller will win 100 MANA prize.
  • Third place seller will win 50 MANA prize.
  • You can win more than one time.

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